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Our GPS Team has now added over 300 Terrabytes of data to our GPS database

During our database upload we discovered 100 extra Terrabytes of data for the US region and have included this in the latest update

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You can now use GPSETC apps to locate thermal signatures from vehicles


Company Mission
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Recent declassification of our product has opened our company up to foriegn investors wishing to utilize this technology in their programs and apps. GPS ETC is now a private company offering their app services to both foriegn and domestic clients. GPS application technologies produced by GPSETC can be impemented in vehicle tracking systems as well as animal recovery and child protection.

Bids have been approved
GPS ETC Database for Canada included
US GPS ETC Database included

GPS ETC New technology for today
Leading edge GPS apps technology available to the private sector. How can you implement our award winning GPS tracking technology in your project?

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